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No Messy impressions/ No Temporary crown

With digital Omnicam and CerecCAD/CAM technologies were are now able to offer strong, aesthetic, functional same day crowns in many dental situations.I’m sure you do not get excited about having see the dentist and having to survive a messy impression taken over and over causing you to gag.With digital impression the process is much more comfortable for you as patient.After the tooth is prepared we simply scan your teeth to take a digital impression.This impression is extremely accurate and allows us to fabricate a crown with precise fit.

Having a Cerec milling machine in our office then allows us to make that crown same day, no temporary crown for 2-4 weeks.When the appointment is over you leave with an aesthetic all porcelain crown.The appoint does tend to be slightly longer but the pay off is in 2 weeks when you don’t have to come back, be re-anesthetized, and have your temporary changed out for the final restoration.This saves patients from h…


My name is Dr. Josh Grooms and welcome to my Blog!  I hope to use this as a forum for dental education.  As a practitioner, serving a broad patient base, I get asked all types of questions related to dental health.  It is my goal to help you better understand your oral health, as well as provide insight into new technology and procedures available at my practice.  If you are in need of a dentist and live in the Greeneville, TN area, I would love to have you as my patient.  Please visit our practice website at or call the office at 423-639-2176 to set up an appointment.


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