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Root Canals 😨

I know the last thing people want to hear when the come to the dentist is that they need a root canal.  I believe part of this is because of a huge negative connotation that has been created in our society with root canals and pain.  Another part is that most people have no clue what is happening during a root canal procedure.  Let me help calm you fears and let you know what it is we are doing to help relieve or prevent future pain.  
1.  When do I need a root canal? - Root canals are needed when the pulp (the nerve and blood vessels) in the tooth are inflamed and dying or dead and necrotic.   During the inflammation stage pain to cold and sometimes hot is very common.  This is typically what gets patients in the door.  The pain can be sever and linger after every drink, food item, or breath of cold air hits the tooth.  If you are having this symptom you should be seen right away for further evaluation.  After the nerve is dead, the pain tends to change.  The hot/cold…