Tips for Proper Denture Care

As a practitioner with ABC Family Dentistry in Greenville, Tennessee, Joshua Grooms, DDS, helps patients care for both natural and replacement teeth. Joshua Grooms, DDS, draws on extensive experience treating patients with dentures, having built early-career experience as an associate with prominent dental offices such as Aspen Dental.

Although dentures are artificial teeth and thus immune to decay, broken or dirty dentures can negatively impact the overall health of the mouth. Dentures that do not receive regular cleaning collect bacteria and tartar, which can then spread to the underlying tissues and cause irritation or infection. The same may occur in patients who have dentures and neglect to rinse and massage the gums or in those with partial dentures who do not brush and floss their remaining natural teeth.

Denture wearers need to be similarly aware of any changes in the way their appliances fit. The structure of bones and gums can subtly shift with time, whether due to natural aging processes or periodontal disease. These shifts can cause an improper fit that may lead to pain, sores, and even abdominal discomfort caused by the swallowing of air. Experts recommend that denture wearers visit their dentists at least annually for fit checks, adjustments, and a thorough cleaning.                            


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