The Importance of Regular Dental X-Rays

As a member of ABC Family Dentistry in Greeneville, Tennessee, Joshua Grooms, DDS, helps patients to achieve long-term oral health through diagnostic, preventative, and treatment care. Joshua Grooms, DDS, and his colleagues use digital X-rays, which support the diagnostic process with increasingly accurate imaging.

Dental X-rays function as a key element of a complete dental care experience. They allow a dentist to visualize the spaces inside and between teeth, as well as the bony ridges and root systems that support the teeth themselves. Dentists use these images to check for decay in areas that are not perceptible to the naked eye, while also assessing for any abscesses or masses that might compromise the stability of the teeth.

When used as part of the diagnostic process, dental X-rays provide practitioners with a baseline from which to assess a patient's oral health. They can support the visualization of decay or impacted teeth before they present a problem, thus indicating early intervention and often preventing the need for extensive restoration. When performed yearly, or more often if the patient's situation indicates, they can be instrumental in the maintenance of dental as well as periodontal and general oral health.


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